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cvsignore and core directory

From: Pablo Neira
Subject: cvsignore and core directory
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 02:59:45 +0200
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First off, I sent this email without being subscribed to info-cvs. I had a look at the mail archive and I didn't find my post, so it seems that being subscribed to post is a must. Anyway, sorry if I posted the same twice.

well, my problem...

I just created a cvs repository, I imported a kernel source for personal
modifications. Well, kernel contains some directories called "core" which are ignored because it's included in the list of files/directory to be ignored. Actually I can see:

I core

while importing.

I had a look at cvsignore docs:

so it says that I can _add_ new files to be ignored, mmm so can I modify
this list?. Actually I created a file cvsignore:

address@hidden:/home/cvs# cat CVSROOT/cvsignore
RCS     SCCS    CVS     CVS.adm
RCSLOG  cvslog.*
tags    TAGS
.make.state     .nse_depinfo
*~      #*      .#*     ,*      _$*     *$
*.old   *.bak   *.BAK   *.orig  *.rej   .del-*
*.a     *.olb   *.o     *.obj   *.so    *.exe
*.Z     *.elc   *.ln

but cvs still ignores core directory, so If I'm not doing anything
wrong, that file only let me add files/directories to ignore but it
doesn't let me modify the built-in list of ignore stuff, am I missing


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