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Checking out only files NEWER than given date/revision

From: Alek Lapuc
Subject: Checking out only files NEWER than given date/revision
Date: 5 May 2004 01:58:56 -0700

Hi all.

I've got somehow unusual problem. I need to checkout from my
repository files that have been modified _after_ some date or have
revision number _greater_ than given. And no others.
In other words I want to check out HEAD revision of the files that
have been modified lately and I want to discard files that have been
created upon module creation, but have not been modified during

As far as documentation states I can checkout files modified _before_
given date, but as some would say: "It is _almost_ the thing I want to

I've tried to search the web and archives of this list -- with no
success. Either I cannot form a proper querry or no one had dealt with
such a problem yet.

Of course, I could manually delete unwanted items (bleeehh!...) or
write a Perl/Bash script that will parse Entries file from CVS dir and
delete apropriate contents. But I keep that in reserve.

Thanks for any hints about that (or pointer to a place in the
Web/group archive).


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