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RES: listing all the modules

From: Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes
Subject: RES: listing all the modules
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 12:03:13 -0300

I mean server by CVS server, not WinCVS (the client), Ok ?

I set up CVS_CLIENT_LOG with value /tmp/xxx on /etc/profile on the machine I
have CVS 1.11.2.
Then I went to a windows machine with WinCVS, loged in on the server with
pserver, checkout etc.
The files /tmp/ and /tmp/xxx.out weren't created, even if I connected
through pserver logged locally on the server.

Ok ?

Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes
Smart Tech Consulting

> -----Mensagem original-----
> De: Jim.Hyslop [mailto:address@hidden
> Enviada em: quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2004 11:51
> Para: 'Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes'; address@hidden
> Assunto: RE: listing all the modules
> Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes wrote:
> > Since CVS_CLIENT_LOG is in CVS server documentation I think
> > it's to be set
> > on the server isn't it ?
> What "server documentation" are you referring to? The link I
> provided was to
> "cvs documentation".
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> Jim Hyslop
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