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Re: Personal CVS repository?

From: LEE Sau Dan
Subject: Re: Personal CVS repository?
Date: 09 May 2004 20:20:42 +0200
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve deRosier <address@hidden> writes:

    Steve> In her place, what I would do is: 1. Keep two local
    Steve> workspaces.  One is the checkout from the remote
    Steve> repository, the other is the checkout from the local
    Steve> "personal" repository.  2. Do all my work in the local one,
    Steve> checking in as necessary.  3. When I "release" to the
    Steve> remote repository, I would copy all my changes to the
    Steve> "remote" workspace, run an update and fix any conflicts
    Steve> that the other site may have introduced, make and debug
    Steve> (again to deal with new stuff that the other side
    Steve> introduced), and then check into the new repository.  4.
    Steve> copy all that back into my personal workspace and checkin
    Steve> (since there is new stuff from outside) to the personal
    Steve> cvs.  5. Put a tag in my personal cvs to indicate this is
    Steve> the result of the merge with the remote cvs.

    Steve> Really, I don't know any other decent way to do it.

That looks complicated.  I'd prefer what

$ info '(cvs)Tracking sources'

says.  This requires  only one workspace.  (You could  keep the source
file of  the last imported,  external version for  convenience.)  When
you want  to commit  your changes, use  'cvs diff  -r$LAST_RELEASE' to
find out  the changes.  You can  'patch' the imported  source with the
diff output.

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