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RE: List of files committed on a branch

From: Murugaiyan, Natarajan [IT]
Subject: RE: List of files committed on a branch
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 09:58:59 -0400

>> I want to get list of files that have been committed on a branch
>> since it was branched. I don't have any tag which I can associate with
>> the branching point.

>You should always tag the branch point when you create a branch. 

>> I was hoping the 'cvs -q log -rPROD_BRANCH:: -R' would list what I want.

>       cvs -q log -SR -rPROD_BRANCH

The above command does not reference the tag for the branch point.
Also, the -S option is not supported by version 1.10 of cvs(on Solaris 2.6 box)
which I am using. 

I tagged the trunk in a module with the tag PRODBRANCH_START and then created 
the branch
PROD_BRANCH. Without commiting any files in the branch, I ran this cvs log 
command to
list files commited on the branch PROD_BRANCH, expecting to get empty list:
        cvs -q log -R -rPROD_BRANCH

The above command instead of producing empty list, listed all files in the 

I also tried
        cvs -q log -R -rPRODBRANCH_START:PROD_BRANCH
which gave similar result, listing all files in the repository.

Is there any script available on the net which will get the job done
without requiring branch point tags to exist? What is needed is a script
which goes over each file in the repository and checks if there is a commit
done with a revision number that matches the prefix corresponding to
the branch number of the branch name which we are interested in.
If history logging is enabled, can any information be used from there which can
make this script easier?

Natarajan Murugaiyan(Ravi)

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