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Re: More module aliases [SOLVED]

From: Kenneth Dombrowski
Subject: Re: More module aliases [SOLVED]
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 21:38:35 -0400
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FWIW, I finally figured this out.  My original message didn't contain
enough data.  The problem hadto do with checking out two modules into
the same aliased directory, but obviously only being able to have one
'CVS' dir

my modules definitions now look something like:

# create uy_pro first
proroot     -d pro                         root_pro
# order processing      
procart     -d pro/order                   orderpages
profunc     -d pro/functions               functions
# images
proimgs     -d pro/images                  images
# uybin
probin      -d pro/bin                     bin
# prof only contains profiles/index.php
proprof     -d pro/profiles                prof
# pro profile
propro      -d pro/profiles/professional   profiles/professional
# email tmplates
protmpl     -d pro/includes/tmpl           tmpl
# export this with 
# $ cvs -d /home2/cvs/uy_mod export -r UYTAG -d . pro
pro &proroot &procart &profunc &proimgs &probin &proprof &propro &protmpl

thanks for taking the time to try & help,

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