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Re: Recommended user architecture?

From: Bernd Fuhrmann
Subject: Re: Recommended user architecture?
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 00:10:29 +0200
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Fouts Christopher () wrote:
Won't you do this with regular unix owner/group/other permissions,
regardless of CVS?

This could be done of course.
But if someone that is authorized to do so introduces a new file into the archive, what permissions would that file have?

What if there are some more projects and some more users? Would I have to create a new usergroup for every single project that is hosted on my server?

I'm searching for a security model that is feasable when it comes to administration. There must be quite a lot of people who have found a solution to that problem already and I'd like to hear their advice.

Additionally I think that it would be nice if I could allow some people access to cvs while not allowing them to login via ssh (console). Is such as thing possible and if so how (and how secure would that be)?

Thanks, once again in advance,
Bernd Fuhrmann

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