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Creating a CVS environment

From: ScottyBoy
Subject: Creating a CVS environment
Date: 13 May 2004 02:16:57 -0700

Hi all,

I work for a small business who want to start employing a version
control system and, as I have used and been impressed by CVS in the
past, I would like to go with a CVS solution.

However, the issue I have is that we have no access to a Unix Server
as we are completely PC based, sharing files on a common group drive,
and it is my understanding that you cannot locate a CVS repository on
a shared windows server. Is that correct ?

In order to get around this, I have been thinking of implementing the
following environment:

RedHat Linux running under VMWare on a Windows XP machine
CVS server running upon the virtual Linux machine
CVS repository residing upon common group drive configured via Linux
Client PC's running WinCVS to access the central repository running on
the Virtual Linux machine

Now, before I commit to this and start buying the items I need to
implement such a system, I would like some feedback from the CVS
community to see if it is truly achievable.

Any response will be greatly appreciated.



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