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RES: Recommended user architecture?

From: Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes
Subject: RES: Recommended user architecture?
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 15:18:56 -0300


Check this out :

Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes
Smart Tech Consulting

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> Assunto: Re: Recommended user architecture?
> Fouts Christopher () wrote:
> > Won't you do this with regular unix owner/group/other permissions,
> > regardless of CVS?
> This could be done of course.
> But if someone that is authorized to do so introduces a new file into
> the archive, what permissions would that file have?
> What if there are some more projects and some more users? Would I have
> to create a new usergroup for every single project that is hosted on my
> server?
> I'm searching for a security model that is feasable when it comes to
> administration. There must be quite a lot of people who have found a
> solution to that problem already and I'd like to hear their advice.
> Additionally I think that it would be nice if I could allow some people
> access to cvs while not allowing them to login via ssh (console). Is
> such as thing possible and if so how (and how secure would that be)?
> Thanks, once again in advance,
> Bernd Fuhrmann
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