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Re: CVS and anonymous/SSH

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVS and anonymous/SSH
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 11:22:20 -0700

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Sensei <address@hidden> writes:

> Mark D. Baushke wrote:
> > Yes, but it would be better to hae a LockDir which uses group
> > permissions of users that can both read and write and the group in your
> > repository should be for only those members who are allowed to do write
> > operations.
> Thank to both of you, it worked fine.
> Now, for the lock dir I've chosen /tmp/cvslock, so the anonymous home
> directory is NOT write-enabled for noone except to root. /tmp is
> world-write enable but I don't care: filling up /tmp causes no damage
> instead of filling up /home which contains the repository...
> Am I doing right?

Many systems will purge the /tmp filesystem during a reboot. If
/tmp/cvslock does not exist, it will not be created and everyone will be
locked out of your repository. You may wish to ensure that the correct
hierarchy is populated by an appropriate startup script on your system
and you may also wish to have a script that runs on a periodic basis to
ensure that newly created directories in the repository have the group
you need it to have in both the repository and the LockDir you are

btw: The only things being put into the LockDir are empty directories
and zero length files. This should not put any strain on your system.

        -- Mark
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