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Re: Newbie at wits' end: please help!

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Newbie at wits' end: please help!
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 08:15:38 +0200

>OK, here's the situation:
>  bash% pwd
>  /home/krugman/scratch/d0
>  bash% ls -F
>  bar/ foo/
>  bash% cvs import -m test myproj krugman test
>  cvs import: Importing /cvs/myproj/foo
>  N myproj/foo/hello.c 
>  cvs import: Importing /cvs/myproj/bar
>  N myproj/bar/ciao.c
>  No conflicts created by this import
>  bash% cd ..
>  bash% cvs co -d d0 myproj
>  cvs checkout: Updating d0
>  ? d0/foo
>  ? d0/bar
>  bash%

Are you trying to checkout into the existing (imported) directory?
That won't work. You need to checkout new, like:

  bash% cd ..
  bash% cvs co -d d1 myproj

or similar (with an additional directory level):

  bash% cd ..
  bash% mkdir d1
  bash% cd d1
  bash% cvs co myproj

bye   Fabi

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