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Re: WinCvs & Python macros

From: Paul Levin
Subject: Re: WinCvs & Python macros
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 14:12:40 -0400
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By the way, in the Macros directory under the WinCvs installation is a file called DocMacros.txt.  The first of that file is --
[OBSOLETE, we don't recommend anymore to write TCL Macros. Instead, use
the Python SDK located in the PythonLib folder]
Looking in the PythonLib directory, there are .py and .pyc files - nothing that even remotely resembles an SDK

Jim.Hyslop wrote:
Paul Levin wrote:
Where can I find information on writing macros for WinCvs?
Well, let's see. I don't use WinCVS, but my first guess for a web site would
be... hmmm... Oh, look at that, it works (don't know if it
has what you want, but it's a place to start...).

Have you googled on "write wincvs macros"? Oh, look, there's an entry that
points to the FAQ, and looks like it talks about writing macros...



Paul Levin
BCF Technology, Inc.

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