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What tags to delete when renaming files?

From: bill
Subject: What tags to delete when renaming files?
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 15:02:46 +0000 (UTC)
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In Adding and removing->Moving files->Rename by copying
the cvs info gives the recipe:

     # Copy the RCS file inside the repository
     $ cd $CVSROOT/DIR
     $ cp OLD,v NEW,v
     # Remove the old file
     $ cd ~/DIR
     $ rm OLD
     $ cvs remove OLD
     $ cvs commit OLD
     # Remove all tags from NEW
     $ cvs update NEW
     $ cvs log NEW             # Remember the non-branch tag names
     $ cvs tag -d TAG1 NEW
     $ cvs tag -d TAG2 NEW

   By removing the tags you will be able to check out old revisions.

After studying the output of "cvs log NEW", it remains unclear to
me exactly what tags one is supposed to remove (the documentation
says nothing at all about this).  Several tags appear under the
heading "symbolic names," including vendor and release tags generated
by the initial import command.  Is one supposed to delete all these

And how is one supposed to tell from the output of "cvs log NEW"
which tags are the non-branch ones?

Thanks in advance,


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