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Using commitinfo Administration file to determine status of committed fi

From: Larry Lords
Subject: Using commitinfo Administration file to determine status of committed file.
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 10:25:37 -0600

We are currently running cvs 1.11.6 on a Red Hat 8.0 server with Windows XP
clients.  I would appreciate help in resolving the following questions:

1.  I need to know and report the status (added, changed, or removed) on each
committed file to a certain area of the repository.  The information I need to
report is: status, username, path within designated area, and comment for the
committed file.  I believe I can get all the information I need except for the
status of the committed file.

2.  My understanding is if you commit files from multiple directories,
commitinfo will be called separately for each directory and if the last time
commitinfo is called a non-zero is returned the entire commit is aborted and
none of the files are committed.  My question is how can I tell when a
supposedly good commit was aborted by a later file being committed during the
same commit?

Thank you in advance for your help,
Larry Lords

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