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Re: After Remove file, can I get a previous version?

From: Flossie
Subject: Re: After Remove file, can I get a previous version?
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 17:05:55 +1200
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Larry Jones wrote:
Flossie writes:

Then say I start on v1.2 and remove file1 from my main source tree.

Can I then get all files for version 1.1, and there will still exist file1? I.e all files required to build version 1.1?

Of course, that's one of the main reasons for using a revision control
system!  When you "remove" a file, CVS doesn't remove it from the
repository, it just moves it into a less conspicuous location (the
"Attic") and adds a "dead" revision (so that it knows that the file
should not be created if someone refers to that particular revision).

Excellent, I was hoping to hear that but I read something earlier today that implied under certain circumstances there were some issues... I was getting nervous. Must find that message again.
Will do some tests.

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