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Re: Consistency check of repository & knowing whether files are being wa

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Consistency check of repository & knowing whether files are being watched
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 01:54:00 -0700

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Hi Marko,

marko <address@hidden> writes:

> if I try to write my own script for checking the consistency of a
> repository, which things I should take into account?

Things that might be useful include:

  - is the userid of the _watched record still valid on your system (ie,
    have they got an active account, or has it been administratively
    suspended or deleted)?

  - Are there any unexpected editors on files for versions on branches?

> I mean, would it be enough to read the content of each dir recursively
> and then check whether all files got really included in the fileattr
> file like
> ---snip---
> FThe1stFileName _watched=
> FThe2ndFileName _watched=
> ...
> ---snip---


> and check that every subdir-containing directory has the entry
> ---snip---
> D       _watched=
> ---snip---
> or are there still other quircks which have to be taken care of.
> Of course this assumes that the repository is currently not in use,
> meaning that there are no edited files.

Possibly, or it may assume that you have to get tricky in the patterns
used to account for files that are in use.

> Well, one could think about what you once mentioned that there might be
> entries like this
> ---snip---
> Fwbl804.FIS     _watched=;_editors=kaening_flmpc25>Tue May 18 14:14:01
> 2004 GMT+flmpc25+P:\MIRROR;_watchers=kaening_flmpc25>tedit+tunedit+tcommit
> ---snip---
> So one might detect also editors and watchers optionally... Or even throw
> them out as someone liked to do...


> Question: Do you know anything else which might cross my way? No quircks?

Nothing comes to mind, but it has been a long day... have you considered
a file that has only been added to a branch or removed from the mainline
(it will be in the Attic/ directory).

        -- Mark
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