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CVS messing up Word documents

From: Kevin W Parker
Subject: CVS messing up Word documents
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 15:11:40 -0400

We are using CVS in a Windows environment (server running under cygwin,
client is usually WinCVS). CVS is managing our source code and assorted
binaries just fine, but any Word document checked out in CVS when opened
yields the error message "The document name or path is not valid." These
files originally existed outside of CVS, so I have good copies of

I've already checked the obvious, and the files are marked as "-kb"
(binaries) in CVS.

Other symptoms of note:

- if I do a diff between a good file and a bad file, CVS says the files
match (don't know how well CVS does diffs on binaries, though)
- if I do an update on a good file, the good file does not get corrupted
(though if I delete the good file and then do an update, the update is
- if I inspect both a good file and a bad file using Notepad, the files
appear identical except for a short stretch of 20-30 additional characters
almost at the end of the bad file that show up as blank in Notepad.

I found the thread at that seemed
to deal with the same problem that we've been having, but adding "tty
binmode" to the cygwin environment variable and then rebooting has not
improved the situation.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

  - Kevin

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