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CVS complete newbee

From: Rolf Bergius
Subject: CVS complete newbee
Date: 25 May 2004 04:51:09 -0700


I'm a complete beginner and want to get startet with CVS. I tried to
install a repository and a remote WIN2000 server. I work with WinCvs
Version 1.2. When selecting
create -> create a new repository 
I can see the init settings with CVS-ROOT:
:pserver:address@hidden:directory\suddirectory init  

When executing I recive the error message:

cvs -q -d ":pserver:address@hidden:directory\suddirectory init" init 
cvs [init aborted]: recv() from server EOF

I read the online-help but can't figure out, wiche file CVS tries to
What do I have to do, to setup a proper repository

Thank you very much for reading me
Rolf Bergius

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