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Re: Distributed Development Environments

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Distributed Development Environments
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 09:51:58 -0700

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address@hidden writes:

> Hi all,
> "Having two geographically distributed development center"
> is one of our requirements. And guess what! The two teams
> will be working on the same project. We would like to use
> CVS to manage our source code:
> Option 1:
> Create one and only one master repository. One of the
> teams connects locally and the other one connects remotely
> (local and remote, in terms of networking).

Yup, this one works well for a long time especially if you
have at least 128Kbps links and moderate sized repository
modules. The bigger the network pipe or the smaller the
module to be handled, the easier it is to use a WAN. If you
are using compression over the WAN link, you will probably
have better performance (this presumes you are not dealing
with compressed binary objects in your repository) than an
uncompressed link (c.f, 'cvs -z6').

> Option 2:
> Create two repositories, one on each center, and use
> replication. In this case, the replication has to be smart
> in order to prevent data losses. We need merging and
> conflict management.

This can work if you follow the *BSD model of CVSup mirror
repositories and use CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM for truely local
branches and then point your commit to the master repository
for the 'public' branches.

> I guess I'm not the only one in this situation. I'd
> greatly appreciate if you could share your experience or
> knowledge with me on this matter. Pros and cons or tool
> names or links would help me a lot.

Google finds a few that look to be potentially useful to you:

I am sure you could find more now that you know where to look.

        -- Mark
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