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RE: Newbie: update vs. checkout

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: RE: Newbie: update vs. checkout
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:13:23 -0400

"cvs checkout" means you want to check out the files that you need from
the CVS repository into your workspace, or sandbox. These files are
your working copies of the files in the repository. Any changes you make
these files from now on will only exist on YOUR sandbox, NOT the
You commit your changes to the repository by doing a "cvs commit."

Ok so far?

Now say one of the files you checked out (I assume you know what this
now :) is file.cpp. But later on someone else checked this out, made
some changes,
and committed the changes in the repository. Now YOUR copy of file.cpp
does NOT
the other person's changes correct? Now to update your copy with the
other person's
changes, you do a "cvs update." So now when you do a "cvs commit", you
BOTH the other person's changes AND your changes. If you do a "cvs
commit" without
doing a "cvs update," you will have eclipsed the other person's changes.

Make sense?


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Subject: Newbie: update vs. checkout

I'm sorry for this very stupid question, but after spending a lot of
time reading the CVS documentation, I still don't understand what
*exactly* is the difference between update and checkout. Could someone
explain it to me?



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