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Re: Help! "Disappearing" log messages

From: J Krugman
Subject: Re: Help! "Disappearing" log messages
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 15:24:49 +0000 (UTC)
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In <address@hidden> address@hidden (Larry Jones) writes:

>J Krugman writes:
>> I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.  The command
>>   % cvs -d $MY_REPO ci -m "testing ci" some_file
>> ...runs without any error messages, but immediately afterwards
>>   % cvs -d $MY_REPO lo some_file |grep "testing ci"
>> ...produces no output.

>Did the commit actually commit a new revision of the file?  If the file
>hasn't been changed, commit doesn't do anything unless you use the -f
>flag to force a commit.

This was the problem!  Thanks!!  (I can't believe commit fails
silently like this.)


CVS is one weird piece of software (ironic, when you consider that
it is probably way up there among the pieces of software most used
by software developers, at least in the open source world).  During
my *very* short acquaintance with CVS, I've already come across
many oddities.  Its exit status is meaningless, apparently.  The
global -Q flag works for some commands, but not for others.  CVS
does not save any human-readable information about tags.  And now
commit!  Not only is it one of those CVS commands that won't shut
up even with -Q, but it fails silently when one commits an up-to-date
file.  Sheesh.

None of this is super-awful; just a lot of small-time weirdness.


To  s&e^n]d  me  m~a}i]l  r%e*m?o\v[e  bit from my a|d)d:r{e:s]s.

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