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Re: CVS complete newbee

From: Flavio Arion B. Diomede
Subject: Re: CVS complete newbee
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 01:29:05 -0300
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If your repository is local, your connection string (your CVSROOT) does not need or should have an authentication method such as pserver. Especially since you're running a Windows box.

In this case, you use a simple CVSROOT, with only the path to the repository folder. In this case, make:


If ypu're using Cygwin, it could be CVSROOT=/Programme/GNU/Repository. Not knowling more specifics of your configuration, I hope this helps.


On 5/26/2004 6:23 AM, Rolf Bergius wrote:

address@hidden (Rolf Bergius) wrote in message
I guess one of my problems is, that I don't understand the connection
of the CVSROOT.
The stituation is, that I'm working in a domain. So I have a domain
server. But the repository is local on my computer. I tried now this
connection string:


with rb being the user and being the domain server. The
repository is local on my computer (being the

I still get the error message EOF.

I appreciate any kind of help. Thank you.
Rolf Bergius
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