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overwrite a branch?

From: Tyler
Subject: overwrite a branch?
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 13:35:22 -0700
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We've been working on two branches for several months: the trunk (our
good pal HEAD) and the release branch (RELEASE).

Initially, the plan was for developers to make any needed changes to
both HEAD and RELEASE. RELEASE would eventually be released, while HEAD
would be the development branch, from which RELEASE2 would eventually be

Somewhere in there, we changed our branching/releasing strategy, and the
release branch got to be very long-lived, such that now we don't want to
go back to the code on the HEAD. Instead, we want to continue working
off of RELEASE, and eventually branch RELEASE2 from the code in RELEASE.

For various reasons, i believe that promoting RELEASE up to HEAD is a
good idea (mostly related to low level cvs management and

Question 1: am i right to want to do this?

The best way i can think of to do this is by essentially overwriting
HEAD with RELEASE. I don't want to do a merge, because HEAD is
considered unstable (it hasn't been tested for months), and because what
i want is precisely what's on RELEASE.

Question 2: is there a better way to do this than overwriting HEAD with

The best way i can think of to do the overwrite is with rsync.
Basically, the methodology would be:

- freeze HEAD
- clean checkout of HEAD
- tag it :)

- clean checkout of RELEASE
- tag it
- copy all files in RELEASE sandbox over to HEAD sandbox
        - use rsync --delete to catch files that have been deleted on
          RELEASE but that have not had that change propagated to HEAD

Question 3: is this totally insane? Is there a better way to do the
actual overwrite?

TIA for any advice,

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