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Running standard CVS and CVSNT on the same repository?

From: Doug Lee
Subject: Running standard CVS and CVSNT on the same repository?
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 16:33:05 -0400
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I run a CVS server on FreeBSD, currently cvs v1.11.5 because that's
what came with my FreeBSD installation.  I access this server from the
same FreeBSD box, from another FreeBSD box, and from an assortment of
Windows machines, currently all using standard CVS under Windows.

I'm wondering if I can install CVSNT on the server FreeBSD box and
start letting Windows machines use that as their server instead of the
standard CVS on that box, without causing problems such as repository
corruption, incompatible repository changes made by one server and
unreadable by the other, etc.  I assume I'd be fine suddenly making
everyone use the CVSNT server, but then I'd be worried about updates
to FreeBSD itself, which might make use of the stock CVS.

Comments welcome.

Doug Lee           address@hidden
Bartimaeus Group   address@hidden
"Characters live to be noticed. People with character notice how
they live."
-- Nancy Moser

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