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unneccessary diffs with $Header$

From: Johann Uhrmann
Subject: unneccessary diffs with $Header$
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 11:42:29 +0200
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there is a strange behaviour in the WinCVS command line client
(WinCVS 1.10.8):

If I use the command "cvs admin -sRel" to mark files as "Released",
the WinCVS client get a "Local Modified" message. It seems that cvs
thinks the windows clients changed the text in the header tag back
from "Rel" to "Exp".

Therefore, if a "cvs admin -sRel" is issued, all windows clients
think that their file state is "Locally modified" instead of "Up to date".

In my oppinion, a state change should not be reflected as a change.
(Eclipse seems to handle it that way, btw.)

Is there something I can change at the cvs server side?
Is this a bug in WinCVS?

Kind regards,

Johann Uhrmann

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