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RE: Tags usage -- comments please

From: Eugene Kramer
Subject: RE: Tags usage -- comments please
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:33:51 -0700

I agree. In my previous company build process provided report in a format:

bug description
developer, who fixed
developer's CVS comments associated with the fix
list of files modified for the bug

This was a very effective way to communicate source changes, because it
provided the context for the change. It was all an in-house development.
This information is extremely valuable for QA, who can focus their effort
based on the list of modified files.


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>Let me turn your question around: how often have you had to determine
>exactly which files have been affected by a specific bug fix? (This is an
>open question to anyone reading this message). I cannot recall ever needing
>this information.

It happens often enough when you want to port a specific bug fix to a new

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