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Bug with paths containing '/./' in file paths?

From: Abhinandan Jain
Subject: Bug with paths containing '/./' in file paths?
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:50:43 -0700
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With versions of CVS later than 1.11.14, when I run commands such as 

        cvs rlog -N Modules/SiteDefs/./mkHome/auto/Drun

I get error messages like 

   Assertion failed: strstr (repository, "/./") == NULL, file recurse.c, line 
   Error: cvs [rlog aborted]: received abort signal

However changing the path to remove the './' in the file path, eg. 

        cvs rlog -N Modules/SiteDefs/mkHome/auto/Drun

works fine. 

I would expect CVS to not choke on the file path with the './' in it
because it is a legal path. Unfortunately, these CVS commands are
generated by higher level scripts and I do not have direct control over
the path syntax, and so it would be nice to fix this behavior.

I do not see this problem with CVS 1.11.4. I checked out 1.11.17 and the
problem remains.



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