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Re: Running standard CVS and CVSNT on the same repository?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Running standard CVS and CVSNT on the same repository?
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 21:48:02 -0700

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Doug Lee <address@hidden> writes:

> Somewhat belated answer here:
> I wrote:
> > I run a CVS server on FreeBSD, currently cvs
> > v1.11.5 because that's what came with my
> > FreeBSD installation. I access this server
> > from the same FreeBSD box, from another
> > FreeBSD box, and from an assortment of Windows
> > machines, currently all using standard CVS
> > under Windows.
> > 
> > I'm wondering if I can install CVSNT on the
> > server FreeBSD box and start letting Windows
> > machines use that as their server instead of
> > the standard CVS on that box, without causing
> > problems such as repository corruption,
> > incompatible repository changes made by one
> > server and unreadable by the other, etc. I
> > assume I'd be fine suddenly making everyone
> > use the CVSNT server, but then I'd be worried
> > about updates to FreeBSD itself, which might
> > make use of the stock CVS.
> On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 10:50:43AM -0400, Carucci, Jason wrote:
> > Why not just keep the CVS installation the
> > same on your server and install CVSNT on your
> > Windows machines? This is the setup that I'm
> > using and it works just fine.
> I understand that a CVSNT server supports
> features that the stock CVS server does not
> support, and that CVSNT clients use those
> features to great advantage. I therefore figured
> I'd need a CVSNT server to make it worthwhile to
> use CVSNT clients. Wrong?

There are indeed a few features that are in the
CVSNT server that are not yet in the CVS 'stable'
1.11.x version and one or two that are as yet
missing from the 'feature' 1.12.x version. (see

  -- "MergePoint" processing
     You could use the cvshome version with
     more tags to do the same thing, but for
     at least some kinds of uses, this is
     reportedly a nice feature (I have not
     used it myself).

  -- :sspi: authentication (Windows domain
     accounts /passwords). This may not
     get you much with a CVSNT server running
     on FreeBSD.

  -- SSL encrypted :sserver: authentication
     (use :ext: with CVS_RSH=ssh for similar
     levels of security)

  -- Branch ACLs with 'cvs chacl' and 'cvs lsacl'
     instead of being configured via add-on

  -- LockServer on a second port replaces
     filesystem-based locks & provides file level
     locking... Using a LockDir approach with
     CVS on a memory filesystem is similar.

  -- More triggers (eg, postcommit)

  -- Supports Unicode files with additional keyword
     expansion switches (I'm not sure if you will
     need this).

  -- Atomic Checkout behavior (I have not looked closely
     at this feature.)

  -- Efficient storage of binary files using
     binary deltas. (CVS discourages use of binary
     files right now.)

  -- Extended modules functionality using modules2 file
     (I have not looked closely at this feature).

Which features did you need that are not in the CVS
version yet?

        -- Mark
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