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Remote access problem - part 2

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: Remote access problem - part 2
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:24:15 -0400

What user/group/other permissions do I need from my remote
cvs repository so users belonging to the same group can have
access to it? To be more specific...

user1 exists both locally and remotely (cvs server) with same
userid and groupid. Local user1 uses the :fork: method to get
to the cvs repository, and remote user1 uses the :ext: method.
Local user1 has not problems checking out files. Remote user1
gets the following error...

cvs server: cannot open /cvsroot/CVSROOT/config: Permission denied
Cannot access /cvsroot/CVSROOT
Permission denied

Chris T Fouts

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