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Locking mechanisms

From: Sandhya
Subject: Locking mechanisms
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 12:35:37 +0550

Hi all,

Needed to know if there was any possiblity of locking a particular file in the 
client so that the 
user can have a previlage of exclusive checkout. This should not allow other 
users to edit the 
file. Is there any particular way by which this can be acheived ? 
One way of thinking was writing a shell script which tracks the command for 
locking from a user, 
and registers his name in a lock-file in the same directory. When the user 
unlocks the file , this 
lock-is deleted. When others try to access this during locked period, it should 
give an error.

Whether this would work out or not and if this method has any problems -- 
please let me know.


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