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Re: strange cvs diff problem with pcl-cvs and viewcvs

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: Re: strange cvs diff problem with pcl-cvs and viewcvs
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:06:42 +0200
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it works now :-)

ViewCVS was looking for co in '/usr/local/bin', but it was in '/usr/bin/';
strange that it did not find it. 

"Jim.Hyslop" <address@hidden> writes:

> Fabian Braennstroem wrote:
>> thanks for your help, but there are still some problems.
>> If I try to 'cvs diff -r BASE -r HEAD main.f' I get no 
>> differences at all; shouldn't be 'BASE' and 'HEAD' different 
>> when I am at revision 1.10 and started at 1.1?
> No, 'BASE' means "the revision currently checked out". If you have HEAD
> checked out, then BASE is the same as HEAD.


>> The next thing which worries me, is that viewcvs uses 
>> 'rcsdiff' and starting 'rcsdiff -r1.9 -r1.10 main.f' gives the error: 
>>  rcsdiff: RCS/main.f,v: No such file or directory
>> Maybe, that's the problem, because I don't have any 
>> RCS-directory!?     
> Um... can't help with that one, sorry; I'm not familiar with RCS.

Thanks to all and Greetings!

Fabian Braennstroem

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