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Re: CVS corrupts binary files ...

From: Eric Gorr
Subject: Re: CVS corrupts binary files ...
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 17:37:10 -0400

At 1:40 PM -0700 6/17/04, Paul Sander wrote:
 >Why would it not work well to use a CVS Wrapper to binhex (uuencode,
etc.) a binary file and then essentially have CVS to only see your
file as a text file?

The key is that there's a distinction between text files and mergeable
files.  Programs like binhex and uuencode produce text files, but they're
not mergeable.

Well, as I stated...simply avoid the merge features on files that are not mergeable. It's not terribly difficult to determine that a file should not be merged after staring at a binhex'd file for <= 1 second, assuming one could not determine from the name of the file that merge functions should not be used.

CVS works best on files that are both ASCII and mergeable.

So, one is required to use the merge functions of CVS? They cannot be avoided?
If they can be avoided, this point seems irrelevant.

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