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Re: newbie question on initializing repository

From: Bret A Cooper
Subject: Re: newbie question on initializing repository
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 17:50:46 -0400

I've had some issues with my email so I'm just now seeing your response.
Thanks for taking the time to write up the shell script.  Looks like
a nice way to do it.  I guess it boils down to whether its possible to
determine the type of a file from its name.  Though as I think about it,
 I could replace your if statement with a call to the UNIX "file" command and then it
wouldn't be name dependent.  But it would be dependent on how
good a job the "file" command does and I've seen it get things wrong.
Bret Cooper

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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 17:17:10 -0400
From: <address@hidden>
Subject: RE: newbie question on initializing repository
To: <address@hidden>

In this case, I'd import a blank project, and then use "cvs add" in a
script to add the
files, using the -kb option accordingly. Here's a c-shell pseudo-code

# Assume *.h and *.cpp files are text files, and the rest are binary
for f in `find .`; then
   if [ -f $f ]; then
       # found a file, test if binary
       if [ $f == *.h || $f == *.cpp ]; then
          # add binary file
          cvs add -kb $f;
          # add text file
          cvs add $f;
      if [ -d $f ]; then
         # add directory
         cvs add $f;
You get the idea. Gurus may have a better solution though....


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Behalf Of Bret A Cooper
                Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 4:47 PM
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                Subject: newbie question on initializing repository

                This is a first time user question.
                We have collected all of our source files within a directory
structure and are ready to initialize the cvs
                repository.  There are a couple thousand files.  Roughly 20% are
binary type files and are scattered
                around throughout various directories.
                My original plan was to run the cvs init command from the
topmost directory and be done.  However,
                I now believe its not that simple, as the binary files(only)
must be initialized with the -kb option.  
                Is that correct? If so, any suggestions on the simplest/easiest
to go about this?
                Bret Cooper

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