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Re: Why should you want to remove sticky tags?

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Why should you want to remove sticky tags?
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:16:22 -0700

I think there are two aspects to the "removing sticky tags" issue:
- Removing tags
- Removing the "stickiness" of tags

Removing tags is desirable to clean up the output of "cvs log" if a lot
of temporary tags are created.  An example of this is when built sources
are labelled after every build, and most builds (e.g. nightly builds)
are disposable.

Removing stickiness is desirable if you expect "cvs update" (without -r or
-A) to bring your workspace up to date after checking out with a version tag.
But this is really only true if the local process doesn't used floating tags.

Using floating tags means that the tags themselves move.  Doing a
"cvs update" (without -r) brings a workspace up to date with respect to
the tags, copying out the newly tagged versions.  In this case, the sticky
behavior is needed so that the tags aren't forgotten between updates.

I personally would like to see stickiness of version tags be removed,
because it's harder to bring a branch up to date in their presence than
to give -r when using floating tags in the absence of stickiness.

Note that this all applies to tags that identify versions, not to tags that
identify branches.  Branch tags really need to be sticky.

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When I'm reading articles/guides about CVS I notice that "removing sticky
tags" is often talked about.

I don't understand why you want to remove a sticky tag.
If (for example) you have files in a repository and they're
ready/checked/validated for release 1, then you tag them all with rel-1-0.
Why, in a further stadium, would I want to remove this tag?

Or perhaps I am confused about Tags and Sticky Tags.

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