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Locking Tags

From: Sandhya
Subject: Locking Tags
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 11:42:31 +0550

Hi all,

I received good mails about locking files and I was able to understand that its 
quite impossible in 
Now What I want to know is about locking a tag. When I create a tag, is there 
any way by which I 
lock the tag so that no one else is able to update it. I mean no one should be 
able to add files on 
to the label other than me.
I was trying to write scripts to acheive this. We can track the user name and 
other details of the 
person who is tagging and then write it to a file and put a flag against that 
saying its locked. 
Whenever users (other than the person who has tagged) try to add a file on to 
this tag, it should 
throw out some message saying its not possible.
How does this sound ??? Am I missing anything ??? Any suggesstions on how this 
could be done 
better !! 

Thanx in Advance

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