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RE: branch removal question

From: Paul Sander
Subject: RE: branch removal question
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 08:07:17 -0700

Normally one would apply a tag to the versions that are ready for testing,
and update the tag as bugs are fixed.  Then apply a second tag to the
code that reaches production quality.  To apply the second tag, use the
"cvs rtag -r" option.

The bummer with this is that if you make bug fixes in your test environment,
you must run an additional "cvs update" command on each modified file due
to stickiness issues in with the tags, but it's a minor annoyance that's
overcome with experience.  And you must remember to apply the testing
tag to the committed fixes, a part of the process that might easily be

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I asked this question last Friday but got no response.
Was it poorly asked, not enough information, too
ignorant for words?  If I need to supply more information
please let me know, I would be glad to.

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From: Don Butts [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 9:45 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: branch removal question

We are using cvs in somewhat of a non-standard way. 
We have a production cut of our compiled source that 
we deploy via cvs using a production branch.  The 
application does not mind the fact the CVS control 
files co-exist within the source and the application 
runs fine. When we want to patch production we first 
patch the same branch in a different checkout area and 
then commit it.  When it comes time to upgrade the 
production area we bring down the application during a 
maintenance window and perform a cvs update in the 
production area.  This has worked great for more than a 
year so I am very happy with this process.  We were 
basically mimicking this process in a pre-production area 
for QA purposes and while this has worked OK we are 
having a bit of trouble keeping these two branches in 
sync.  So,  I know that I can remove a branch via the 
cvs admin -n command and I am wondering if a better 
process would be to remove the preprod branch every time 
I move a new patch to production and when it comes time 
to test the next patch just recreate the preprod branch 
off of the current prod branch.  I have performed some 
tests using this method and all seems to work fine but 
I thought that I would ask the opinion of those who have 
been using CVS a lot longer than I. 

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