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using commitinfo and verifymsg

From: Jason . Gibbons
Subject: using commitinfo and verifymsg
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 14:40:17 +0100

If a developer checks in multiple files in a single commit, is there anyway
of finding out what all the files are using either bash or perl scripts on
the cvs server?  I've tried using the 'cvs status' command in a bash script
tied into the commitinfo file, but that only works on a directory by
directory basis.  It may help if I give an overview of what I'm aiming to

We have a project which consists of a number of software components, the
source for which is kept in separate subdirectories.  Each separate
component has associated with it a history file, so each of the
subdirectories has a history.txt file in it (sometimes at the top level,
sometimes in a further subdirectory).  I want to use cvs to ensure that
when a developer checks in a bunch of files, that he/she is also checking
in an updated history file which gives an overview of his changes.  It is
possible for one developer to want to check in files from many different
components (and so should be required to commit several different
history.txt updates).  What I need to do then, is have commitinfo run a
script which (i) gets the names/paths of all the files being checked in,
(ii) makes sure that each component which has been changed has a changed
history file included in the checkin.

My problem with using cvs status is that it will only give out information
on multiple files that belong to the same directory.  I need something like
cvs status, but which outputs all the files being commited, regardless
where they belong in the repository.  Is their anyway of doing that?

For info, the version of cvs running on the server is 1.11.5


Jason Gibbons


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