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Filename case-sensitivity

From: Brendan Knowlton
Subject: Filename case-sensitivity
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:27:43 +0100

Hi //

I'm looking for some guidance on case-sensitivity with CVS. I have a file,
call it "", which should be renamed to "" in order
to fit a naming convention and not break some other code. The
"" version is checked into cvs. I cannot find any way to get
the lowercase version of the same file committed. I've tried removing, then
adding the file under another name, but at the end of this process the
version in the repository still has the uppercase name. I've tried a bit of
repository hacking, but nothing useful. The problem seems to be that the
local cvs client cannot tell the difference between the two files, and the
version in Entries remains uppercase.  This is really frustrating ....

The cvs clients I've tried are all running under Windows, which is
undoubtedly where some of the problem comes from, given its problems with
case-insensitive filenames. I've tried both the CLI version of cvs
distributed with cygwin (running under a command prompt and also in a bash
shell) and also WinCVS. 

Is there anything I can do in the repository itself (running on a HP/UX
server) to change the name of this file directly? Or some clever Entries or
repository hacking that would do the trick?

Thanks in advance,

// Brendan

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