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update -d doesn't get newly added files?

From: rob
Subject: update -d doesn't get newly added files?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:35:04 -0000
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At work we are doing development in a branch, and when other
developers add files to the branch, I have to do "cvs co -r
<branchname> <filename>" to get them.  "cvs up -d" does not get the
new files.  Am I missing something here?  If I say "cvs status", I can
see that all the files in my sandbox do have the sticky tag for the
branch.  Everything else is working fine.  The files that I'm trying
to get have been added in the branch, so the "1.1" revisions in MAIN
branch say "file removed", and they are stored in the Attic in the
repository.  This is all normal, I think?

Thanks for any help,


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