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import -> no checkout possible

From: calmar
Subject: import -> no checkout possible
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 19:41:42 +0200
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When I import a directory (cd into it + 'cvs import b-c-r vendor tag') it says
there have been no conflics.

but when I want to checkout it with: 'cvs checkout b-c-r' it tells me

cvs [server aborted]: there is no repository /var/cvs/htdocs

When I cd into the /var/cvs/ there is in fact no htdocs so.

I guess I screwed up cvs in some way, that some time ago I imported the
whole htdocs folder (b-c-r is a folder in that htdocs), but later
deleted that (with a rm -rf /var/cvs/htdocs),  and now I try to import 
b-c-r separetaly.

Even so with the other folder in htdocs there is no problem but with
this b-c-r.

Maybe the problem is due to other things.

Anyway, how could I import that b-c-r folder, and how could cvs tell me
when I want to checkout it, that there is no 'htdocs'  repository?

the $CVSROOT is : :pserver:address@hidden:/var/cvs

Thanks for any hints.

           (o_         GNU/Linux is GREAT

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