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Checkout problem with 1.11.17

From: Arnaud
Subject: Checkout problem with 1.11.17
Date: 27 Jun 2004 03:27:02 -0700


The CVSROOT of our project is located in the home directory of
a friend (/udd/xxxx/cvs). We are in the same group and the permissions
are /udd/xxxx : drwx--x---, /udd/xxxx/cvs : drwxr-x---.
Everything works perfectly with the version 1.11 of GNU cvs.

When I try to checkout our project with version 1.11.17, I get the
following error:
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot getwd in /udd/xxxx/cvs: Permission denied
However, I can cd to /udd/xxx/cvs.

Thank you for your help,


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