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Re: after deleting a direcory: how to get rid of the message "New direct

From: Izo
Subject: Re: after deleting a direcory: how to get rid of the message "New directory `dir' -- ignored"
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:20:52 +0200
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leo wrote:
hi there

i use cvs with emacs front pcl-cvs and have a little problemwith removed

when i have removed a directory from the repository i get the message "New
directory `dir' -- ignored" even though the cvs command string contains
"-P". how can i get rid of this message?

can i ask cvs to suppress this message or can i tell emacs-pcl-cvs to hide
this message somehow?

You have done "illegal" action - tweak the CVS repository by hand.

Now you should edit the CVS/Entries file referencing the directory in question since the CVS client desperately wants to find the missing directory !

You never touch the repository itself unless aware of consequences - the broken history is just the minor one. This also means that you do not touch the Attic directories.

You can only remove entries on local copy using the release&remove action, afterwards updating and checkouting using -P -d options to purge empty directories.

thanks, leo

You're welcome !


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