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Re: after deleting a direcory: how to get rid of the message "New direct

From: Izo
Subject: Re: after deleting a direcory: how to get rid of the message "New directory `dir' -- ignored"
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:54:08 +0200
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leo wrote:

mmmh, how do i edit the Entries file?

Any ASCII editor will do the job.

e.g i get the msg:
    >>cvs server: New directory `rules/images' -- ignored<<
but in the local rules/CVS/Entries is no entry about images at all.
what do i have to put into the Entries file?

Is it possible that the rules/images directory was not originally checked out but it exists both on local copy as non-CVS directory and on repository ? In such case CVS client does not want to overwrite the existing local directory with the check-out'd one. You should rename local directory, check out the CVS one onto the place of previous one and synhronize the entries afterwards - take care you do not delete CVS subdirectories !

well i deleted local dirs! but updateting did not purge the empty dirs...
and checkout would overwrite other changes, wouldn't it?

Not really. Checkout would fail if you have the local file or directory at the same place and of the same name as on the repository. If you have made the changes in some files of the local copy, the CVS client would try to merge the changes and report the eventual conflicts. This would be for sure when cvs update, yet I am not sure if the local files would be overwritten at repeated cvs checkout. See manual for this or try - just copy/duplicate or checkout the directory in question on some other place and play with it. Unless you change the repository, the other local copy will be safe.

cheers, leo

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