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Re: <new member> Problem with huge files/folders in CVS

From: Robin Rosenberg
Subject: Re: <new member> Problem with huge files/folders in CVS
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 23:21:59 GMT
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address@hidden wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems CVS uses the /tmp folder to store the uploaded files
> intermediately.  When I tried to do Import of a huge folder the size of
> my / partition got filled and no one else in my group could continue
> using CVS till I removed the CVS information in the /tmp/cvs-servnnnn
> folders.
> Is there a way to have CVS use any other folder for the above?  I would
> like to
> configure some other partition with more space for this.

Set TMPDIR in cvs.conf or cvspserver. We have cvs on two ports, one for
normal fast access on tmpfs (ramdisk) and one with
slower access but with a hughe tmpdir.

I added these lines to cvs.conf 

export TMPDIR
mkdir -p $TMPDIR
chmod 777 $TMPDIR
trap "rm -rf $TMPDIR" 0

The extra server sets BASETMPDIR in its cvspserver script. The trap cleans
up if cvs fails

Users run an stunnel proxy so which port is used is transparent since the
proxy remaps the port.

-- robin

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