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Branch merging to main trunk

From: Christophe Delarue
Subject: Branch merging to main trunk
Date: 1 Jul 2004 08:35:54 -0700

Once a branch is created, bug are corrected on the branch and then
merged into the main trunk.

How do you deal with those merges :

1) On each release of the branch, done by the leader of the branch as
describe in

 using cvs update -j last_release -j new_release on a main trunk
2) Each week/3 days, the modifications are merge back into the main
trunk by using the update -r new_release on a main trunk sandbox

3) each time a developper corrects a bug, (s)he has to merge it into
the main trunk.
To ensure the bug migration, a check could occur by verifying the log
on commit : on bug correction the bug id has to be in the comment.
When the bug is merged, the following commit follow the same
convention. Therefore we can track in the log the bug migration.

4) a rdiff is done between the last bug migration on the branch :
cvs rdiff -r last_release -r new_release myproj
this diff is collected, each is validated, and through a sh script the
migration is done file by file through a
cvs update -j <cvs-last-release-id> -j <cvs-new-release-id>

Did somebody choose some of this process ?
Is there a better process ?

I am new on cvs and I am looking for your experiences.

Thanks you for any answers.

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