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cygwin on windows, repository on linux, cr/lf problems

From: Eric Taylor
Subject: cygwin on windows, repository on linux, cr/lf problems
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 19:47:07 GMT

I am trying to run cvs, over ssh, from a windows system to a linux repository.

I am using the cygwin package on my windows (win2k) system so I get a bash
command line, ssh, cvs, etc.

It all works fine, except for problems with the line endings. I have not set 
the file
as binary, and it seems that NO line ending conversions are taking place.

On my windows system, if I create a file, say:

echo "something" >file.txt

then this file has a cr/lf line ending. If I add and commit it back to the 
linux repository,
it ends up with the cr/lf pair on the linux system (so if I check it out from 
another linux
system, it has cr/lf endings).

If a file in the repository has just lf endings (as it should on linux) then 
when I checkout
this file under the cygwin/cvs it comes down to my windows box without the 
cr/lf, just a lf.

Is there a way to force line ending conversion? Is this a cygwin problem? Or 
maybe my
ssh connection is causing this?


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