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Do most people checkout read-only and use "cvs edit"?

From: Karr, David
Subject: Do most people checkout read-only and use "cvs edit"?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 11:01:39 -0700

I have a question about how people use CVS.  How common is it to always
checkout and update read-only, and then use "cvs edit" when you start
working on a file?  Or, do people checkout read-write and never use "cvs
edit"?  I have always thought that modules should be checked out
read-only, and "cvs edit" is only used when you start to work on a file.
However, I'm getting the impression that that appears to be an
"alternative" strategy, and even deemphasized.

In fact, in the WinCVS interface, the "cvs edit" functionality is under
the "Trace" submenu, hiding it from the first-level menu.

Other SCMs use the strategy that I'm used to as the primary strategy
("checkout" read-only, and do a specific operation to put the file into
edit mode).

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