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Situation with Import

From: ahalya.kumari
Subject: Situation with Import
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:13:46 +0530


I have a situation where I need to do a update of source code from
remote CVS server.  
This code will again be used by a large group here. 

So the current procedure is 
1. Download the code from remote CVS1.
2. Import the downloaded code to local CVS2 which can be used by local

However the problems faced are:

1. If some files are deleted or moved in remote CVS1, it doesn't get
reflected during Import.  The old files still exist which causes
2. Update from remote CVS1 take a long time.  After this I have to again
upload/import the same to my local CVS2.  

I am thinking of a solution for which I need some advice:

Download the files from remote CVS1 directly to a folder (say
/remote/folder) in local CVS2 machine.   Configure the /remote/folder as
another CVS repository in CVS2 machine setup.  Both CVS use pserver

Now, will this lead to any problems, is what I am trying to foresee.
Any advice/help in this regard will be appreciated.


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