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CVS in web development environment

From: Ian Michell
Subject: CVS in web development environment
Date: 19 Jul 2004 05:44:07 -0700


We are currently thinking of migrating to CVS for all our development.
It is fine for java development with multiple devlopers as we can
compile the code in our own sandboxes. But on the web development side
it is a little trickier with multiple developers as we have one
development server that is used for testing, and everyone currently
tests and develops out of the same directory.

One way of sandboxes this, is to allow the developers to checkout into
thier own home directory (on the development server).

Our main problem is we have over 100 virtual hosts in the apache conf
file pointing to our development server, therefore we need to find a
way to allow each developer to make use of these virtual hosts, and
develop and test out of their own sandboxes.

Are there any ideas, or any common ways to solve this problem?


Ian Michell

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