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RE: cvs command not available

From: Brendan Knowlton
Subject: RE: cvs command not available
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:47:49 +0100

Also note that the cygwin install does not, by default, set your PATH
variable to include its own binaries. Once cvs is installed, you will need
to add your cygwin binary directory to your PATH variable. You can do this
from Control Panel (System | Advanced | Environment Variables, if I recall
correctly), or run the following from a DOS command-line (not bash): set
PATH=%PATH%;c:\cygwin\bin (or wherever you installed cygwin). 


// Brendan Knowlton
// BearingPoint

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From: Jim.Hyslop [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 19 July 2004 21:52
To: 'Jacky Luk'; address@hidden
Subject: RE: cvs command not available

Jacky Luk wrote:
> I am using cygwin
> However, when I was using the bash shell, typing "cvs..... 
> login" it said
> command not found? Could anyone help? Do I need to seperately 
> check out that
> file somewhere?
First,  you need to learn some operating system basics. "Command not found"
means that the operating system (in this case, a Cygwin shell operating
under Windows) does not understand the command "cvs".

When you installed Cygwin, you did not install CVS. Re-run the Cygwin setup,
and make sure you have selected CVS (it's under the "Devel" tree, IIRC).

Jim Hyslop
Senior Software Designer
Leitch Technology International Inc. (
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